Paling Single-sided with 2″ gaps




Panels are ALL 6ft (1828mm) wide as standard
NB: Special sizes can be made (P.O.A.)

(Picture shows – 6×6 Arched, double-sided paling panel)

Height:  Price
Imperial Metric Straight top Arch/Crescent/Pointed
2ft 610 £11.50    (Code FPP2) £14.30 (Code A/C or PPP2)
3ft 914 £13.50    (Code FPP3) £16.30 (Code A/C or PPP3)
4ft 1219 £15.50    (Code FPP4) £18.30 (Code A/C or PPP4)
5ft 1524 £17.75    (Code FPP5) £20.55 (Code A/C or PPP5)
6ft 1828 £20.00    (Code FPP6) £22.80 (Code A/C or PPP6)

A range of robust fencing panels.
Allows light into the garden and is ideal for exposed areas prone to winds.
The double-sided panels allow for more privacy whilst still enabling the wind to pass through.
Acts as a barrier to young children and pets.
Available with either a straight flat top or an Arched /Crescent/Pointed-shaped top
Colour: Pale green
Treatment: Tanalised (pressure-treated)