Paling (Picket-Style) Gate with 2″ gaps


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Gates are ALL 36 ins (915 mm approx.) wide as standard
NB: Special sizes can be made (P.O.A.)

Standard sizes: Price each (excluding VAT)
Height: (with standard 2″ (50 mm) approx. gaps) Product codes:
Imperial Metric Straight top Arch/Crescent/Pointed Flat top Arched Crescent Pointed
3ft 914 £27.50 £29.17 FPG3 APG3 CPG3 PPG3
4ft 1219 £28.33 £30.00 FPG4 APG4 CPG4 PPG4
5ft 1524 £29.17 £30.83 FPG5 APG5 CPG5 PPG5
6ft 1828 £30.00 £31.67 FPG6 APG6 CPG6 PPG6


A heavy-duty, traditional timber gate.
Fully framed on the back using 3 ins x 1.5 ins (75 mm x 38 mm) timbers.
Z’-frame /Double ‘Z’-frame on the back.
Complete with flat top capping on the flat top gate.
Gaps between the boards allow access for the wind to pass through.
Colour: Pale green
Treatment: Tanalised (pressure-treated)