Chevron Gate


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Gates are ALL 36ins (915mm approx.) wide as standard
NB: Special sizes can be made (P.O.A.)

Standard sizes: Price each (excluding VAT)
Height: Product
Imperial Metric code:
3ft 914 £33.33 CHEVG3
4ft 1219 £34.17 CHEVG4
5ft 1524 £35.00 CHEVG5
6ft 1828 £36.67 CHEVG6

An attractive, robust and heavy gate.
Allows light into the garden and is ideal for exposed areas which are prone to winds.
Gaps between the boards allow access for the wind to pass through.
Fully framed on back using 3ins x 1.5ins (75mm x 38mm) timbers.
Z’-frame /Double ‘Z’-frame on back.
Complete with 3″ flat- top capping
Colour: Pale green
Treatment: Tanalised (pressure-treated)


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